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Why Choose InternSeat?

Research surveys showing how difficult it is for graduates to find full-time jobs, are unfortunately numerous. In fact, of those who are able to gain a full time employment straight after university in 2018, shows 27% of them felt they were not using their skills they had developed over their years at university. That's more than one in four graduates feeling underutilized. Gaining work experience has significant benefits whether you are a current student, a graduate or re-entering the workforce and that's where InternSeat internship programs come into play. Regardless of your current education level or desired career path, our InternSeat programs can enhance your professional growth.

Our internship is an easy way to demonstrate the skills and knowledge employers are looking for. The letter of recommendation that you will be provided at the end of the program will help you stand out from the crowd of other applicants. Valuable experience should never get wasted, and your internship experience will look great on your resume. Click below to initiate your application for your InternSeat program.

Mergers & Acquisitions  (M&A)

Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) is a general term used to describe the consolidation of companies or assets through various types of financial transactions, including mergers, acquisitions, consolidations, purchase of assets, purchase of shares, management buyouts and leveraged buyouts. Tasks you may be doing include research, data analysis, presentation tasks, valuation, investment memorandums, teasers, etc.

Private Equity (PE)

Private Equity (PE) is a major subset of a larger, more complex piece of the financial landscape known as the private equity markets. PE is a form of financing where money, or capital, is invested into a company. Typically, PE investments are made in high growth and mature businesses in exchange for equity ownership stake. Examples of tasks you may be undertaking are market and industry research, drafting sections for investment memorandums, financial due diligence, basic financial modelling, portfolio company analysis, attending conference calls, etc.

Industry Roll-ups

An Industry Roll-up (also known as roll-up mergers) is a term used to describe a company that is built primarily through the acquisition of smaller companies with common services or products. PE firms use roll-up mergers to rationalize competition to combine companies with capabilities into a full-service business, for instance, an oil exploration company can be combined with a drilling company and a refiner. Your tasks might include research, strategic research, industry analysis, financial analysis, etc.

Raising Capital & Equity Infusions

Raising Capital means getting the money you need to grow a business from investors, or a business can take out debts to finance your business venture. An equity infusion is an investment from business owners, outside investors or another business in exchange for a percentage of ownership or equity in the business. Some tasks you may undertake are research & data analysis, assist with developing processes and procedures for the business, etc.

Corporate Advisory

Corporate Advisory also known as Corporate Finance Advisory (CFA) deals with financing services of a business, investments, capital structuring, managing assets liabilities, and restructuring balance sheets. Examples of your tasks you might be doing are industry research, financial analysis, competitive landscape analysis, etc.

Business Brokerage

A business brokerage is a company that assists in the purchase or sale of companies. A business brokerage firm might specialize in selling companies in certain industries or might specialize in selling businesses of a certain size (for example those with annual sales of at least $20 million). Some of your tasks could include strategic research, contacting companies, business valuations, etc.

*Tasks mentioned above will vary depending on the workload of the company, knowledge, experience and ability of each intern.

Following are the main financial sectors our Remote Internship Program offer:


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